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Acting on a reliable tip from Missy & Mike Steins from South Beach, Fl,  we found ourselves seated at the Porta Sagua Restaurant on Collins and 7th…  We were in search for the best authentic Cuban food in town and judging by the locals seated around us, we had come to the right place. Service was great in this crowded family eatery, but that’s not what we came for. The food was the best, simple and delicious.  Here’s a sample recipe for Vaca Frita (fried cow)  

Shredded beef                                                   Marinade

1 lb cap steak or flank steak                            Juice of one lime & lemon

½ onion sliced through core                         2 TBS sherry

1 cup stock                                                            3  toes chopped garlic

½ tsp cumin                                                        ½ onion sliced through core

2 bay leaves                                                         3 TBS olive oil

1 toe  garlic                                                          3 TBS oil for frying


2 TBS olive oil

Chopped parsley


1. Salt & pepper steak

2. Add 2 TBS oil to a  large heavy pan, and brown the steak on both sides

3. Remove steak, add onions & garlic and sauté

4. Deglaze pan with stock, add steak back in and cook covered for 2 hours  (285)

5. Save liquid

6. Remove tender steak, and shred into large pieces, let cool,

7. In bowl, add steak, and toss with lemon/lime/sherry, onions, garlic, marinate 1 hour

8. Add 3 TBS oil to hot pan, fry batches of beef/onions until crispy on each side

9. Serve with rice and black beans garnish with parsley.FoodPhotosmelange12-09 085

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